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Hotel Weber is literally a stone's throw away from the Paradiso Amsterdam and that makes it very easy to stay in our hotel after a nice concert or evening out. Are you looking for a nice and affordable hotel near the Paradiso? Come to Hotel Weber. Let's be honest, no one is in the mood for a long journey home by bus or train in the cold after spending a great night. By the way, you don't have to worry about your looks in the breakfast room and how your ramparts are condemned by your neighbour Hildy. Because we don't have a breakfast room, you just get your breakfast served in your room. We at Hotel Weber are fans of the Paradiso and we know you are too, so we invite you to sleep in our hotel. Not convinced yet? Then read on. Ready to book? Let's go.

Paradiso Amsterdam

The Paradiso is housed in an old clubhouse of a congregation on the Weteringschans nr. 6-8 and it was squatted in 1967 by a group of people who needed a location to be themselves. The building is also called a church, the design and the stained glass windows contribute well to this image. The Paradiso has also become a church for pop music where we, as music lovers, like to listen to our favourite servant of the divine word. Through the years greats like Nirvana and Amy Winehouse have been worshipped here but also artists like De zangeres Zonder Naam (The Singer Without a Name) and Herman Brood found their way to the temple. 

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Paradiso Amsterdam, close to the hotel

Meanwhile the Paradiso has several locations: Paradiso Noord, Bitterzoet, Cinetol, Skate café and the Zonnehuis. They also organize events in other churches on a regular basis. The Paradiso on the Weteringschans is the easiest to reach from Hotel Weber, the other locations are also easy to reach, but there you are dependent on public transport or the bicycle. If you would like to rent a bike, we are happy to help you find the right contact, even if we don't rent one ourselves. We will help you with an estimate of the times to the different locations of the Paradiso:

How far is it to the Paradiso from Hotel Weber?

  • Hotel Weber - Paradiso is a 5 minutes walk.
  • Hotel Weber - Paradiso Noord is 30 minutes by tram and (free) ferry or 30 minutes by bike and ferry. The ferry is free and gives a nice view over the other side of Amsterdam.
  • Hotel Weber - Bitterzoet takes 8 minutes by bike or a 20 minutes walk, very nice walk by the way.
  • Hotel Weber - Cinetol 11 is minutes by bike, it is located in one of the hippest neighborhoods of the city, de Pijp.
  • Hotel Weber - Skatecafé takes 19 minutes by bike and ferry or half an hour by metro.
  • Hotel Weber - Zonnehuis, this location is the most far away, half an hour by bike or 45 minutes by public transport. At this location there are only concerts where you can sit.

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The Hotel Weber is in the proximity of the Paradiso Amsterdam

Paradiso concert calendar 

As we mentioned earlier, we are big fans of the Paradiso as well as of great music. That is exactly why we've made a selection especially for you from the performances in the Paradiso that we think are worth a visit. We call it: the Hotel Weber Concert Agenda, especially for you the believers of the universal truth of music.


Buy Paradiso tickets

You can easily buy Paradiso tickets through the website of the Paradiso itself. The prices vary per concert and the popularity of the artist will determine how long the tickets are available. For example, when a band like the Kaiser Chiefs is playing (Feb 16, 2020), you often need to be there quickly but you will have a lot more time to buy tickets when you want to go to the 'smartlappen karaoke' (01-03-2020). Here you can Buy Paradiso Tickets.

The Paradiso has more to offer than just great concerts. It also offers space for fun events for kids, for scientific events and of course for art and design events. If you want to know more about the Paradiso you can always visit their own website and check out their programming.


Restaurants and cafes near the Paradiso

Both the Paradiso and Hotel Weber are centrally located. There are plenty of nice eateries like the Lavinia for a vegan lunch or the Balthazars kitchen for a delicious dinner. You won't be short of bars either, such as Bar Weber right next to the hotel which offers an ideal opportunity to have a drink after a concert, possibly with a vega bapao for the hungry churchgoer. The Bar Lux is our neighbor and here too, conviviality will prevail. Curious about the location? Take a look at the Hotel Weber location page.

Looking for a hotel close to Paradiso Amsterdam? Look no further and book a room for an unforgettable time in your favourite city. If you want to know more about Hotel Weber Amsterdam check out our FAQ page. Or check the availability of our rooms.

How far is it from the Paradiso to Hotel Weber? How far is it from the Paradiso to Hotel Weber?

It is only a 5-minute walk from the hotel to the Paradiso. See all distances on the Paradiso Amsterdam Hotel page.

Does the hotel display any of the concerts being given at the Paradiso? Does the hotel display any of the concerts being given at the Paradiso?

Yes, especially for our guests we curate the best concerts in our concert agenda.

Can you also buy tickets for the Paradiso at the hotel? Can you also buy tickets for the Paradiso at the hotel?

No, we don't sell tickets for the Paradiso. Tickets are available online or at the door if still available.

Is it possible to have dinner at the hotel before a concert? Is it possible to have dinner at the hotel before a concert?

No, we do not have a restaurant but we are very centrally located and therefore have plenty of opportunities to enjoy a nice meal in the neighborhood.