Is there an elevator in the hotel?

No unfortunately there is no elevator. We have steep stairs, so if you have any disabilities or injuries our stairs might be too hard to climb. 

What popular sights are near Hotel Weber?

Hotel Weber is centrally located and therefore offers a beautiful location for visiting popular sights. For a clear overview we would like to refer you to our location page.

What are the hotel's room amenities?

Among other things, Hotel Weber offers comfortable beds, a kitchenette with breakfast in the fridge and a Nespresso coffee maker. For other room amenities, please refer to the rooms page. Hotel Weber does not have a lobby with a reception, so temporary storage of luggage is not an option.

What F&B possibilities does the hotel have?

Breakfast is served in your room and you can also enjoy a cup of coffee or a drink in our cozy Bar Weber or Bar Lux. The hotel is centrally located and in the immediate vicinity are plenty of restaurants, cafes and nightlife. For more information see our location page.

Is the hotel close to the city centre?

Yes, the hotel is only 500 meters from the heart of Amsterdam.