Seasick Steve | Paradiso

Seasick Steve | Paradiso

April, 3rd 2020 Paradiso, Amsterdam

Summer time boy Seasick Steve will be playing at the Paradiso on Friday, April 3rd. Seasick Steve who we know from the album 'I started out with nothin and still got most of it left' hasn't stopped slowing down just yet. In fact, he only seemed to have gotten the taste for it after turning 50. This old rock legend still knows to entertain the crowd. Festival or concert hall, Seasick Steve don't care. We'll see you at the Paradiso on Friday April 3rd, don't forget to come and have a beer at Bar Weber after the concert.

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It's a good thing that the sun is starting to shine again in Amsterdam because we are actually, just like Steve, pretty much summer time boys:

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