Michael Kiwanuka | AFAS Live

Michael Kiwanuka | AFAS Live

November, 26th 2019 AFAS Live, Amsterdam

Michael Kiwanuka will be playing on tuesday the 26th of November in the AFAS Live and i am very, very excited. Already when i hear the name Kiwanuka i can hear my mind singing: "hoome again, hooome again". And all this goodness is even taking place in autumn, what a pleasant idea! Do not get me wrong though, I'm not trying to say that he is just known for this one song. He has had two big hit albums, both of them with great tracks like 'Cold little heart' and 'Money'. Get ready for a great night!

Are you going to enjoy the concert of Michael Kiwanuka? Make sure to come 'home again' to Hotel Weber Amsterdam.

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But now let's be honest, after reading this what other song could i play than Home again?

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