Ali Barter | Melkweg

Ali Barter | Melkweg

September, 18th 2019 Melkweg, Amsterdam

Yes! Ali Barter in the Melkweg on the 18th of september. Ali Barter or Alison Barter to be correct, without a doubt will amaze the crowd with a big smile on her face playing her feel-good music. She has already been doing the supporting act for Vance Joy and the War On Drugs and now she is ready for her big break through. Here's our favourite quote from Ali: "It’s About Fucking Time We Gave Female Musicians the Credit They Deserve." That's right Ali! Rock on and see you in the Melkweg!

De Melkweg is literally in the back yard of Hotel Weber. looking for the best place to stay the night? 

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Here's Ali Barton's Backseat:

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